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Here's a film we can relate to! Aish HaTorah has made two new videos called "Inspired." They show interviews with baalei and baalos teshuva who both tell their stories and advise all frum Jews how they can involve themselves in kiruv. There's a video of of all men, which both men and women are allowed to see, and another of ba'alos teshuva, all women, so only women may see it. I saw the women's video and it is excellent. I can't wait to see the men's with my husband! If you go to this website, you can see a preview of the men's film and also get the schedule for a showing near you.
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do you have a sense for how long the movie is? it's actually showing in my city (i knew there was a reason i moved to seattle!) so i might be able to fit it in.

I think it's about an hour long.
Oh yes, that was an excellent movie (I saw the women's version)! I especially liked hearing the stories from Rebbetzin Heller and Gila Manolson.

Weren't they amazing? I had no idea that Rebbetzin Heller was a BT. And Sarah Riegler, formerly of the ashram - wow!
She was on an ASHRAM? That is so BT. A lovely woman who I knew from Machon Alte also had been on an ashram. And somehow I knew about Reb. Tzippora Heller.

The beautiful thing about BTs is that we've been through so much and came to yiddishkeit from so many different places. Its quite awe inspiring.

I'm surprised you didn't know. I'd never seen her before, but I have read her essays, and from everything I've seen, she always mentions her years on the ashram. It's worth seeing the video just for her because her presentation is so funny.

You're right that sampling around with other religions is very BT. What's really surprising is how freely Mrs. Riegler admits to it. I wouldn't. I'd be worried about it adversely affecting my kids for shidduchim later on.
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